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Asian Immigrant Families 1) The Asian heritage a. 1950 – i. Most Asian American families in U.S. = immigrants from china and Japan and their descendants ii. Different family systems (East Asia and U.S.) iii. Differences are currently diminishing (Goode, 1963; Hong, 1999; Queen et al., 1985) b. Fathers had more authority over family members than west i. Eg. fathers usually controlled who their children would marry and
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Unformatted text preview: when ii. Kinship was patrilineal 2) Asian Immigrants a. First began to arrive during the California gold rush (1850s) b. After Civil War, were hired to build the railroads of the SW i. Few families were formed (half left wives behind) (Glenn, 1983) ii. Many of the men fulfilled the obligations they felt toward kin by sending remittances- cash payments....
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