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Holocaust essay 1 final - William Fu(0937355 SISJE 195 A...

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William Fu (0937355) SISJE 195 A Night and Fog The Holocaust, when thought upon, is a genocide related to World War II, the Nazi regime, and concentration camps; ultimately all things of the past. Humanity looks back upon this era in disbelief and disapproval with the thought that this can never happen again. Alain Resnais’ Holocaust documentary, Night and Fog, attempts to warn all viewers that the Holocaust’s dangers was a reality that has and always will threaten humanity by its ability to return and become the present reality. The documentary does this through its circular narrative and differences in filming strategies. The film’s circular narrative begins in the present, proceeds into the past, and returns to the present. With footage of a present day concentration camp, narration - by Michel Bouquet - starts with: “ even a meadow…even a road… even a resort village… can lead to a concentration camp.” (1:55, Night and Fog) The film then “remembers” the rise of the Nazi party in 1933. Later on the film shows the allies burying frail bodies with Bouquet stating that it is 1945; the surrendering year of the German forces. This is followed by the end of the film, which brings the viewer back to the present concentration camp with warning from Bouquet of the unwatched arrival of new executioners and lucky Kapos still alive. Through Alain Resnais’ circular narrative he is able to show the viewer that during the present time, even the most unexpected places and times are prone to the threat of the reality of the Holocaust. A meadow, road, and
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Holocaust essay 1 final - William Fu(0937355 SISJE 195 A...

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