holocaust final - -Individualization forces viewers to...

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1) Use the first page to describe a film project or any other creative endeavor to represent the Holocaust. 2) The remainder of the essay is a critical assessment of the project. More specifically, cite and explain problems of representation in 2-3 of the films discussed in class Schindler’s List : comprehending the Holocaust one name at a time - Spielberg manages to convey the horror the Schindlerjuden faced by making the viewers feel as if they are participating in the events, not just watching. - Viewers meet characters and follow their plights closely; victims representative of all Holocaust victims
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Unformatted text preview: -Individualization forces viewers to confront the horror on a personal level and to realize that every victim had a story.-To look at the Jews of the Holocaust simply as a group or race dehumanizes them a second time The Reader: Difference in rise Night and Fog:-Nazi project is represented in this fashion as an inhuman machine processing the organic bodies of the detainees. -The use of the representation of the Holocaust as a large machine rather than grouping of autonomous individuals could be seen as a way to forfeit direct accusation 3) How your project responds to those problems....
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holocaust final - -Individualization forces viewers to...

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