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interview information - Date and location of birth May 2nd,...

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Date and location of birth May 2 nd , 1959 at shongshu, China. Province liangning 1931 Childhood family 1) Were non-immediate family living with you at young age China is more family orientated, despite non-immediate family doesn’t live with permanently. Frequently visited. Temporary living (live with them for week or holiday). a. Why, how many times and how long 2) Who/where did parent or grandparents live when ill Then have their sister take care of them, siblings. 3) And step or half children living with you none 4) When did you 1 st leave home, why, from to? 18 years old for college. Out town, 600-800 (1000)miles away sheng yang a. Live with anyone else? Class mate female. 5) How often did you see sisters, when 30? 50? Twice a year, winter break and summer break. 30’s every other 4 years a. How often did you see parents, how far did they live Same period, lived in same area as siblings b. Constant communication? 1 st came to U.S., telephone cost 5 bucks per minute, expensive. Rare sparse phone calls, mostly letters. Slowly transferred to calls because of cheaper 6) First boyfriend?, serious relationship before married? When First boyfriend when 20, serious marriage potential. Never lived together, no cohabitation 7) Was sex common thing (pressure?), acceptable if in love but not married?
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At that time was not acceptable, China could love but forbidden to live with them before marriage. Sex not common at all forbidden (against school rules) consequences were people think you were a bad person, banned from school. Education and Work History Moved to U.S. 1985 september 1) Current education and work experience MD in china, senior in zymogenetic, pharmesutical company, accupunturist provider for many insurance networks a. Straight through school or time-off
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interview information - Date and location of birth May 2nd,...

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