Issaquah fish Hatchery Field Trip

Issaquah fish - William Fu Trip 0937355 Issaquah fish Hatchery Field 1 Salmon are bred by the Issaquah fish hatchery to help increase the number of

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William Fu Issaquah fish Hatchery Field Trip 0937355 1) Salmon are bred by the Issaquah fish hatchery to help increase the number of salmon that are introduced to nature every spawning season. The demand of salmon is larger than the natural production rate of salmon and the fish hatchery helps increase the production rate. If the fish hatchery did not help breed salmon, the demand would eventually catch up and decrease the salmon population. 2) Salmon are important for riparian areas because Salmon help bring nutrients to the riparian area. Nutrients from dead salmon are taken from the river and are distributed to the surrounding area. Salmon also bring nutrients to predators creating a food source for the area. Riparian areas affect the health of the salmon in a number of ways. The plants in the riparian area provide shade which keeps the temperature of the water low as well as raising the oxygen content help make the area more suitable for salmon. Plants also reduce erosion; the significance of this is that it decreases stream turbidity and
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