Major paper 2 - The Vegas Experience A documentary on Las...

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The Vegas Experience A documentary on Las Vegas and the rise in addictive gambling CU: Narrator on strip Narrator Gambling has always been a game of chance, one that is both exhilarating and entertaining, where players bet however much when they want; but gambling is also dangerously addicting. Recent studies show that over the past years, the number of addicted gamblers has grown at a constant rate. Every year countless individuals flock to the famous tables of Las Vegas and its many casinos to gamble. While many are not addicted gamblers, there still exist large bodies that are; gamblers who are spending thousands of dollars a week, to every single dollar they have scrounged together. I believe the cause in the rise of gambling is that advertisements of casinos in Las Vegas conceal the reality of gambling by creating an illusion of the environment surrounding gambling. Here in Las Vegas I will find out if that is true or not. Title Sequence – The Vegas Experience Fade to black Narrator Let us first take a look at this Las Vegas commercial. Commercial one starts (0:57 to 1:27) Narrator In this commercial, casinos seem to be a focal point showing winning hands and piles of chips, a good sign to someone who is addicted to gambling. It creates an illusion that if you go gambling you will win money and that the odds of winning are with you. In reality, the odds are always against you and even though there is a chance to win money, in the end you will likely lose. The use of images has been especially structured to draw the attention of viewers and feed into the idea that going there and gambling would ensure success, to someone with an addiction this could be a dangerous road.
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Interview 1 Fade-in: Two-Shot: Narrator (interviewer) sitting with Tom Marriscolo Narrator Here I am with Tom Marriscolo, Board president of the California Council on Problem Gambling. Do you think casinos and their advertisements contribute to increasing numbers of gamblers? Tom Marriscolo I without a doubt believe that casinos and their advertisement have a direct link to the increasing numbers of addicted gamblers. Gambling by nature is an addictive activity that has similar trends to both tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. The companies selling the product will advertise the product falsely but consumers will buy into the myth. Tobacco commercials show cigarettes as stylish and classy while they in reality are looked down upon and are unhealthy; while alcohol shows a good night on
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Major paper 2 - The Vegas Experience A documentary on Las...

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