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Soc 222 inclass review - economic determinism classes means...

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Final Exam Review Academic Achievement - Title IX - requirements ( three ways) - how are they met - Relationship between sport and academic achievement - Coleman - sport is always good for academics - Overarching methods and problems - requirements, cross-sections, small studies - Fejgin - Act Theil’s discussion - Mark Emmert – NCAA (why he left and problems with UW) - new husky stadium - The NCAA - what is the purpose - Which groups benefit? Explanations? - Relationships between academic, athletics, and minority statuses - Labels - Miller, ET. Al. - Jocks vs. athletes - Explanatory models - broh - developmental, “leading crew”, social capital models - Extracurricular - broh – do other activities show an effect on academics
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- Which has the greatest and effect - Big sports and graduation - Riske – how do both athletes and non-athletes do academically at big sport universities? - effect on non-athletes should hold personal importance - Marxism - Inequality, conflict, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: economic determinism, classes, means of production Inequality (Ross)-Gender- Title IX (guest speakers and Rhoads)- requirements- how are they met- reform-Race- Jackie Robinson Video- race man- conditions on playing professionally-Increasing opportunities for minorities in sport (Sage)-Racial stacking (Woodward)- what it is- football scouts bias- advantages / disadvantages depending on race-Team names and mascots- why they are offensive- why some names have changed, some have not Deviance-Gambling- who, what, where, when, why-What is the underground economy- why-Demographic data and rates on crimes in professional athletes versus the general public-Why crime rates differ-The sport ethic and its components-Positive deviances (definition)-How to deal Sports and the Media-Mega-events- what are they- why are they important- criticisms-Olympism and the IOC-Rates of women’s sports coverage-Reasoning behind coverage...
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Soc 222 inclass review - economic determinism classes means...

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