Soc 222 notes final - Sport physical activity through...

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Sport – physical activity through competition, a part of some organized association, winning and losing matter. Game – founded upon play, something that is manifested in physical or mental effort, governed by some form of rules. Play – voluntary activity played out in arbitrary boundaries, no serious purpose, meaning or goals beyond those within the activity of play itself. What is a Sport? Winner, Loser, Ball. Sport in History Mayan and Aztec, Mesoamerican ballgame 1500 BC – probably invented the first organized sport. Greek Olympics 776 BC Roman games 264 BC Iroquois lacrosse 1000 AD Most played sports are not gender specific and can be played anywhere (B-ball / soccer) The Mesoamerican Ballgame Middle America: Mexico, Central America. Based on artifacts, show organized sport. Argument: 1 st organized sport in the world. Found over 1500 ball courts in Mesoamerica. Important to their culture, religion, life in general. Courts: had relatively standard shape (capital I) Rubber ball was first introduced Made from trees dripping with natural ooze, forms together to make rubber ball (natural rubber). Mayan face: created in 1500 BC On forehead: corn kernel. On cheeks: corn crops / stalks. Corn: necessary for food and they would worship gods for good weather to have successful crops. Stone model w/ kneepads. Ballplayers wore kneepads. Mutilation of mouth: combination of lip and tongue Shows they self mutilated. In Mesoamerican ballgame you couldn’t use your hands, you hit the ball w/ shoulders and hips. On courts: at ends there were places for kinds to sit. Object: to put balls through rings on slanted sidewalls. If you get through hoop: magical, very rare. Sacrificed to Gods to ensure crop security. Could be used for religious events / rituals. Clothing – showed power / status Yolks – hip protectors. Put spools in their ears.
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Soc 222 notes final - Sport physical activity through...

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