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Video notes - Power of the maya kings is the blood to the gods - - royalty blood from queen and king, tonque and genitals - - subjects now bow down to them - - give an offering, it would be blood, most treasured part of body - - almost every doorway was an entrance to the underworld - Functions of the Mesoamerican ball game - - religious - - ritual means to communicate with gods of the watery “Underworld - - courts were seen as cave-like entrances to, or windows to view, the water underworlds - - courts were religious centers of ritual-sties of sacrificial burals of caches to the underworld gods - - game tied to rituals of the renewal of agricultural fertility
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Unformatted text preview: -- social integration-- bringing people together, reflections of community-- ballcourt a scared and social facility for social integration, through the staging of a variety of community rituals: playing ball games, ritual fearing, religious rituals, human sacrifice, mock warface, singing and dancing, economic exchange-- political-- reinforced political centralization by formalinzing internal social opposition into public ritual-- united competing factions within community, through interactitional ballgame rituals for the negotiation of power...
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