1st reflection assignment - Comprehension of the material...

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Comprehension of the material Basically they say that nation states and national economies being replaced by a single transnational political economy Power and authority shifting to global institutions and corporations. These are mostly based in the north. Neoliberal model. Developing countries moving away from a “state-centric model”. Authors antagonistic towards neoliberal reforms. Dilemma of globalization A little historical review of transition from state control to market control. TNC’s and why they are so powerful. Internationalization of financial markets, portfolio investment. Even domestic pressure for neoliberal reforms Agents who oppose reforms and suffer because of them The state’s use of coercion and compromise. Reflection Partizan view against globalization Normative, not empirical, lack of statistics however it does mention that they will be giving all of that in the coming chapters. Does not give the other side of the argument “decline of welfare states”. There are still welfare states out there Advantages of globalization and neoliberal policies Need a cost/benefit analysis of neo liberal reform, how many ppl actually benefited and how many suffered. Why cant govts take the money they make from these reforms and put them into
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1st reflection assignment - Comprehension of the material...

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