Reflection assignment for session 19

Reflection assignment for session 19 - This reading gives...

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This reading gives views of different theorists on the merits of a liberal democracy which is argued as being the most prevalent system of government in the world today. The major theories are also tested to the critiques of other political theorists and writers. The main arguments are divided as follows: 1. Democratic elitism and participatory critique: This critique is fairly simple in its arguments as it claims that mass democracy can basically lead to poor decisions for example the nazi party being voted in to power in Germany. Secondly it is argued that “value judgements” still hold significance in political debate and they cannot be rejected that easily. Empirical theories has confined political debate to generalizations so there is a need of value judgements to push radical transformations. Examples of support for democratic elitism can be seen in Pakistan for instance when some local politicians are criticized in the media; they are not seen as fit to lead the country because they are not “educated” or “qualified”, on the other hand politicians like Imran khan of the PTP and Pervez Musharaff are supported because they represent the “elite” or the ones capable to make intelligent decisions for the country. 2. Republican critiques of liberal democracies: basically these argue against fundamental characteristics of liberalism like the notion of negative liberty (that liberty and freedom is needed to protect individuals from the state). Republicans
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Reflection assignment for session 19 - This reading gives...

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