Reflection assignment for session 21

Reflection assignment for session 21 - Reflection...

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Reflection assignment for session 21 M.Abbas Taqi 2013-02-0136 POL 100 Section 4 This extract from a book by Keith Faulks describes the concept of citizenship and the various debates that are in discussion over its usage (mainly in a western liberal capitalist use). He starts of with describing what citizenship is: an individual’s membership of a political community which grants him rights and responsibilities that shape the relationship between individual and community. The rights given can be divided in three main categories: civil rights (civil liberties), political rights (right to vote etc) and social rights (provision of needs by the state). The responsibilities that a citizen might be expected to fulfill can be paying taxes, military service etc. Next he moves on to give a brief description of the development of citizenship. He cites Riesenberg who claims that citizenship passed through two main phases: premodern state (traced from ancient Greece) and the modern phase (starting with the French revolution of 1789). A small comparison is given between the two phases that illustrates the shift from a hierarchical from of citizenship in the past to a more equal from in the modern phase. After this the author hits the crux of the debates surrounding the concept of citizenship using mostly the discussions from Marshall’s theory of citizenship. The theory tackles the five R’s of citizenship, namely: rights, responsibilities, resources, recognition and residence. The author then takes each of the R’s one by one and analyzes the debates surrounding it. The main purpose of this reading is to present the various debates surrounding the whole concept of citizenship. The first basic characteristic of citizenship is defined as “rights”. As mentioned earlier these are divided into civil, political and social rights. The main
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Reflection assignment for session 21 - Reflection...

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