reflection paper for session 25

reflection paper for session 25 - M.Abbas Taqi POL 100...

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M.Abbas Taqi 2013-02-0136 POL 100 Section 4 Mahvish Ahmad Reflection paper on session 25 “The Communist Manifesto” is Karl Marx’s passionate appeal to the workers of the world to unite under the banner of communism to bring down the capitalist system. Part 1 of the manifesto talks about the development and eventual destruction of the bourgeoisie, the dominant class of the day. Marx follows their history and says that their ascendancy created a new social class (working class) which labor in the bourgeois industries. Then he predicts that with the increase of industries, the situation of this labor class becomes worse and this causes a spark for a revolutionary element, a realization for change, and this will eventually destroy bourgeois oppressors. In the second part he talks about the history of ideas and how after every age there is the battle of ideas whose victors are always the ruling class. These changes in ideas reflect the changes in the material conditions of the people of the age. Basically that means that the rich people of an age will win the battle of the ideas. The only thing that is common
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reflection paper for session 25 - M.Abbas Taqi POL 100...

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