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This question asks for an analysis of the different theories and positions regarding nationalism. The main points of contention that need to covered will be: what is nationalism, does it exist, what breeds it etc. It also asks for an answer towards the relevance of nationalism in modern times as well as its use and importance over the ages throughout history. For that it will be extremely important to distinguish between the “modern” period and the historical period. A compare and contrast would be therefore be
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Unformatted text preview: needed then between these two to find out if there are any similarities. My position right now is that nationalism is not solely a modern invention; it has existed before perhaps in different forms but it has been there and there are various examples in history which proves it. I might also use a case study to support my argument. Organization: Introduction. Discuss different theories. Motivations and conditions for nationalism. Historical analysis with examples. Modern analysis with examples. Conclusion....
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