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Worksheet 11: Session 11: Nationalism 1. The What: What is this session on? We have spent the first three sessions in this section on the state, namely a sovereign or supreme power occupying a specific territory and monopolizing the right to force and violence. Now we move on to the concept of the nation and nationalism. A nation is a group of people who identify themselves as being part of the same group based on a concept of shared identity, culture, religion, language, etc. Nationalism indicates a doctrine by which one is devoted to one's nation. In this session, we attempt to understand both the nation and nationalism, as distinct from the state. While a state seems almost separate of its people, being sovereign, dealing with territory and being able to exercise force and violence, a nation seems to be a product of its people. We will be exploring different conceptualizations of the nation, attempting to answer the question, 'What is a nation?' Is it a natural phenomenon? Is it something that is a product of long, significant historical processes? Or is it constructed in our head? 2. The Why: Why are we focusing on this (importance)? If you remember, nations and states do not always have coinciding borders. Rather, many times multiple nations exist within one state, and/or nations know no state borders, finding its home in multiple states. This is not always a problem (as it seems not to be in Switzerland) but many times it seems like it presents significant challenges to the viability of states and their borders (as with the Kurds who live in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, etc., or the Balochis who spread across Iran and Pakistan, or
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Worksheet 11 - Worksheet 11 Session 11 Nationalism 1 The...

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