Worksheet 13 - Worksheet 13: Session 13: (Re)Imagining the...

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Worksheet 13: Session 13: (Re)Imagining the Nation/State 1. The What: What is this session on? Having spent a significant amount of time on the nation/state, we will now move beyond it the nation/state-centric paradigm. We will ask ourselves, does looking at politics and the political through the eyes of the nation/state limit the way we analyze politics/the political? What/who do we not see by conceptualizing the world along nation/states? Does it matter? This all sounds very abstract, but think about refugees (who are stateless), gypsies, nomads, Afghans shuttling between the Pakistani and Afghani borders and flood victims who are not given watan cards (and are just invisible in the eyes of the state and cannot receive aid). These are all very different groups, but seem to have one thing in common that we will explore and discuss in this class. By having a state-centric view of the world, do we limit our own perspectives of it? 2. The Why: Why are we focusing on this (importance)? We seem to organize everything around the state. If we are speaking about globalization, one of the key questions remains whether the state continues to play a role (the general consensus is that it does). If we speak about nationalism, or about local groups, then the question always pertains to the relations between nationalism and the state, or between individual people and the state. It is pretty hard to get around the state, but if you think about it, states have not always
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Worksheet 13 - Worksheet 13: Session 13: (Re)Imagining the...

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