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Unformatted text preview: Today’s Music Intro ‘Little Bribes’ by Death Cab for Cutie Q: What is this song about? Anth 1102: Introduction John Gordon / Martin Forsey 6488 2067 [email protected] WebCT (http://webct.uwa.edu.au) Unit handout > “Unit Outline” For announcements Links to “Lectopia” & “CMO” Twitter (www.twitter.com) Follow: @ 1102uwa For unofficial announcements For new university students (see handout) IRIS ACE New tut added: Monday 3.00pm Tuts start next week First essay due end of Week 5: 21/8/09 Read In Search of Respect before then Globalisation and Social Change Progress? Progress Poverty Almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. What theories have you heard explaining this fact? Want to do something about global poverty? The Global Poverty Project presents '1.4 Billion Reasons' A 90 minute presentation that will catalyse the movement to eradicate extreme poverty. Mon, 03 Aug 2009 16:00 - Social Science Lecture Theatre “We will present on how your everyday actions – in what you learn, say, buy, give and do - is connected to ending extreme poverty. Small actions at your end can create big opportunities for the world’s poorest”. Intra and International Migration Colonialism Post WWII Developments Globalisation Independence Post colonialism Economic Boom Cold war Development and the Creation of the Third World Bananas – good to think with Philippe Bourgois see http://philippebourgois.net/ Author of In Search of Respect – the ethnography you will read this semester 1989. Ethnicity at Work: Divided Labor on a Central American Banana Plantation. Banana producing regions of the world ‘Banana plantations offer monotonous, isolated landscapes’. (Bourgois 1989, p.3) Source www.apsnet.org/.../plantdis mgmt/text/fig15.htm ‘It is impossible to understand the Bocas del Toro plantation and its surrounding region in a self-contained vacuum’ (Bourgois 1989, p.14). Historical Structural Political Economic Trading companies TNCs Plantation economies Intra and International Migration Economic insecurity – restructuring labour relations Environment Colonialism Post WWII Developments Globalisation Independence Post colonialism Economic Boom Cold war The Creation of the Third World - Development Closer to home… Two Manilla based families 1970s – established a banana plantation on the island of Mindanao Aid of Del Monte – looking to supply the burgeoning Japanese market Initially 320 Hectare plantation – Del Monte insisted it needed to be at least 500 HA Pressuring neighbouring land owners to lease land (25 years) Subsistence tenant farmers forced from land other plots labourers for the plantations Increased urban migration And in Australia? • Commercial production in 1880s – North Queensland (some in WA) • Significant role played by Chinese sojourners and merchants in Sydney and Melbourne • Increased discrimination cut out Chinese labour – Banana Preservation Bill 1921 • Merchants turned to Fiji – blocked by tariff control • Intra- and inter- national control of the industry • Contemporary issues – Biological control of the industry – Deregulation Explaining Poverty • Inevitable – cost of progress – Modernisation – things will get better (and are) – Progress for who? • Individual responsibility – Fecundity, corrupt government, lack of education – Liberal fantasy? • Cultural – Reflects the beliefs and values of the groups living in poverty – The Culture of Poverty • Structural – – – – A product of global capitalism The development of underdevelopment Dependency theory Sociological fantasy/nightmare? What’s your theory? How do you explain poverty? Be prepared to consider the evidence and weigh up your argument Next lecture I wanted to probe the Archilles heel of the richest industrialized nation in the world by documenting how it imposes racial segregation and economic marginalization on so many of its Latino/a and African-American citizens (Bourgois 2002, p.1). ...
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