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Unformatted text preview: Stratified Egal: Big Man takes the least (e.g.,Ongka) Strat: Chief takes the most 8 Competitive feasting To win prestige through gift giving To establish or prolong mutual obligation A Distant Mirror. The Calamitous 14th Century By Barbara Tuchman, 1978 9 The Feast by T. Asch Gifts as both hospitality and threat Kwakiutl (NW coast N. America) Potlatch: A form of competitive feasting 10 Patterns of Culture By Ruth Benedict, 1934 Kwakiutl wealth Land and sea products Ownership of names, myths, songs Noble names (titles) = most valuable Had to earn right to name by giving 100% interest was common 11 Object of life: To acquire status Status climbing through gift-giving Kwakiutl did not use wealth to get more wealth, wealth used to get prestige Not by conspicuous consumption, by conspicuous distribution 12 13 Benedict: Kwakiutl do not fight with weapons; they fight with property To glorify self, shame rival Economy makes status system work Marvin Harris: Cultural materialism Cultures are solutions to material conditions 14 Competitive feast assures production among peoples without a ruling class On threat of status loss, Big Man Works harder Worries more Consumes less Prestige is the only reward 15 Competitive feasting Raises levels of productivity Status rivalry makes economy work 16 The Gift Marcel Mauss, 1925 Loss of gift-giving as a moral transaction that maintains social relationships Cabbage Patch Kids 17 18 Tamagotchi ‘gift’ cognate to ‘poison’ ‘Gifts make slaves like whips make dogs’ 20 Dame Edna (on Parkinson, July 6 2002) Every gift says, ‘Thank you’ Every gift also says, ‘Please’ 21 Ongka, ‘I have won, I have knocked you down by giving so much.’ 22...
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