060409 - Emotion and Arousal I

060409 - Emotion and Arousal I - Emotion and Arousal I...

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Emotion and Arousal I PSYC1101 Romola Bucks 06/04/09 States of being Consciousness and sleep Three classes of state - State of motivation (read Bernstein!) o Eg. Hunger motivates us to eat - State of emotion o Eg. Bored, enthusiastic - States of consciousness o Eg. Sleep What causes a state - Two sources of internal state: o Internal neural and hormonal states (“drives”) o External stimulation (“incentives”) Eg. Fear, smell Consciousness - Consciousness is awareness of your thoughts, actions, feelings, sensations, perceptions and other mental processes. - Consciousness is an aspect of many mental processes rather than being a unique mental process on its own. - Humans are not the only creatures who experience consciousness. - Two extremes – sleep and awake Why we sleep - Grow when we are kids - Learn new information - Conserve energy - Restore the body It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it. ~ John Steinbeck How and why we sleep - 2 processes combine the determine sleep - Sleep drive o Process driven by amount of time awake o We get progressively *** www.cbt.virginia.edu/tutorial/HUMANCLOCK.html Arousal and sleep
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060409 - Emotion and Arousal I - Emotion and Arousal I...

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