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110509 - Auditory and Hearing System

110509 - Auditory and Hearing System - Auditory and Hearing...

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Auditory and Hearing System 11/05/09 The Nature of the Problem - What is the problem you are trying to solve with your auditory system? o Stimulus: detect air pressure waves o Loudness varies with pressure o Sensitive to a large range of frequencies however only a small slice of all the frequencies available On the decibel scale a change in value by 10 means that the intensity has increased by ten times (it is a ratio scale) If a sound is given as dB SPL then it is being compared to a reference tone chosen because it was close to the minimum sound detectable by humans at 1000 Hz. Ear drum motion is transferred to the cochlear where fluid is moves in synchrony Atmospheric vibrations moving fluid hair movement stimulates nerve impulse to brain detects frequencies Resonant frequencies - Everything has a frequency which is prefers to play/shake out - Must be pure [therefore we don’t have a preferred frequency] Pitch perception: -
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