180509 - Cognition I

180509 - Cognition I - o Between 5-8 digits Capacity of...

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Cognition I Memory Chapter 7, Bernstein Flavie Waters 18/05/09 Memory – persistence of learning over time Encoding – code and put into memory Storage – maintain in memory Retrieval – recover from memory - Made up of different systems Sensory memory short-term memory long-term memory Short-term memory - between 2-15sec - Eg. Remembering a telephone number Long-term memory - prior life history Framework for memory Duration capacity storage processes Measuring the duration of short-term memory - Brown-Peterson task Measuring the duration of long-term memory - Bahrick et al. (1975) o Recognition o Recall Memory span function - Recall
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Unformatted text preview: o Between 5-8 digits Capacity of long-term memory-Experiments o Shepherd (1967) presented 612 slides: o Recognition performance at 99% STM LTM-Repetition rehearsal o Duration o Remember the last item starting with G o Daughter oil rifle garden grain table anchor giraffe-Durative rehearsal o Upper case? - surface o Rhyme with fish? - phonemic o Is this word pleasant? - semantic Shallow Deep Elaborative rehearsal-remembering for the long term Method of Loci and mental imagery-Match item to place in house-Allows you to relate items to memory you already have-...
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180509 - Cognition I - o Between 5-8 digits Capacity of...

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