200509 - Memory - Spelling affected by long-term memory...

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Memory Psychology Lecture 20/05/09 Memory Implicit Task Explicit Memory Task Perceptual identification task - Easier to see a word at a second presentation Word fragment completion - Benefit due to repetition - Priming o We show an advantage in memory due to prior exposure some time before How memory works - Amnesia o Consume only alcohol o Live on streets o Head injury - Limbic and temporal lobes o Responsible for storing old and forming new memory o Doesn’t determine short-term memory Amnesia - Retrograde o Limited o Degrades over time - Anterograde o Complete o Often permanent Fair - Fare Pain - Pane See - Sea Pray - Prey Pear - Pair
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Unformatted text preview: - Spelling affected by long-term memory Explicit – [LTM] - Amnesia impairs transfer of memory from STM LTM Implicit - *** Effect of trauma and personal extent of an experience on memory-What does post-event information do to the additional memory-Giving incorrect information is enough to change memory Recognition-Yes or No on a basis of what you’re given Recall-Have to bring information back up Bernard Pagano was put on trial for robbery-7 eye witnessed positively identified him as the culprit Absolute judgement-Analyse each individually-...
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200509 - Memory - Spelling affected by long-term memory...

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