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Social learning1 - Social learning = culture various forms habitat jeune age imitation Human social and natural environement Social life creates

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Social learning = culture –various forms: habitat jeune age, imitation Human social and natural environement Social life creates constraints: we all have plenty of ideas since not a lot of energy required but we come back to very similar ones( in a framework since organised too ) just like we share meanings since were in the same world who has same constraints. . we all now aat young age that sweet is good all wavelights hearing and seeing. . But what are the things that are not biological the social cultural enviro social learning is the fundamental way in which we end up sharing a fair amount of information and its not the society but the environement… if we are rural or urban… this environment also shapes things that we learn without being something thought counsensly exborneo. . also gives us rules we don’t realise the bus il y a aussi imitation. . comme digt au d.but. . more specific in humans is the teaching of things maintain a degree of stability from generation to generation But ides may change if they are too excentric they can stay private or not be taken in account… ex genetics… it can be seasonal fashion or more restant. . traditions. . Cultures: We act in specific ways because a) we are biological organisms :don digest cellulose… ex… and b) we have learned to act in these ways. Learned ways of acting can be referred to as culture . Some learning is explicit and conscious; more often, we learn implicitly through experience. Ex:L ides we have , Much of our behaviour is non-biological in that sense Ex. Killer whales and differences btw those that eat and don’t eat seals we can describe that as a cultural difference among killer whales Nothing in their make-up that makes them like or not like Genetic information is transmitted only by mating. Social learning is considerably broader: we learn not only from our parents, but potentially from any member of the society and from members of other societies. Notion of culture: like French culture… creation of nationalism. . trompeur… comme si de leur pays y avait un genetic baggage narionalism controler les gens…… Subcultures – gay, hard rock, candy kid…. Notion that’s used all the time and it’s taken as a reality o It’s PURELY A CONSTRUCTION – it’s a construction that hides reality does not predict hgow they will react ina situation . . there is no baggage no French with the beret. .
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Language: lichteinchtein limits of my language limits of my world but it’s the experience we have to look at not the words. . if we think of babys it would be hard to understand how they acquire language. . we go to uni have to words. . inuits have 7 words to say neige. . but itas not the language but the experience that is important. That is what give us knowledge Some notions need works like uncle. . missing words make it harder to make sens of whats happening but we can ex marteua showing. . Framework of meaning icone similarities, corespondance , indices continguity, part of a reality
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Social learning1 - Social learning = culture various forms habitat jeune age imitation Human social and natural environement Social life creates

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