L24M11 - Lecture 20 (11/03/11) Symbolic Learning - The...

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Lecture 20 (11/03/11) Symbolic Learning - The dominance of connectionist working (dominance in the sense that it’s the first way in which we learn, and even after devel of serial symbolic procedures these connections remain dominant) - The question of culture and what we mean by it Culture - Some people have defined culture as a set of rules that are shared by people - This kind of formulation is a serial symbolic one, while in practice if we see people who live together and interact with each other, and share ways of doing things – the majority of what they share is shared in a connectionist manner - People are not primarily working out rules, they are making connections - The dominance of connectionist approaches is true just as much for language - Possible to describe a language on the basis of grammatical rules… but people don’t speak languages based on rules o They aren’t applying rules, they are simply activating connections which they have o These connections are learned in the process of being exposed to speech events then generating connectionist regularities - Grammars are not a description of the way languages operate, but rather a description after the fact - Culture 2 o Many anthros demonstrate what model would be a phenomenon – what is cultural is what is in people’s mind o This approach is far too limiting – it’s not an exaggeration to say we lead connectionist lives and the regularities we have are to a big extent related to objects o We act in given ways b/c of the fact that we are in specific places – this is something that is tacit, unconscious knowledge much of the time until you get to a situation where it comes to the surface o Ex. Tai chee – learning it is serial symbolic but becomes connectionist once you begin to learn the next movements - People behave in ways that are standard to a significant extent because they find themselves in an environment which defines it
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L24M11 - Lecture 20 (11/03/11) Symbolic Learning - The...

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