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Lecture 32 (30/03/11) Film: A Feast in Dream Village (1988) - Documentary about Sumba, island in Indonesia - Film about a feast b/c their village burned down so they needed to bring back the soul of their village - Sacrifice a bunch of bulls, have a feast, spiritual leader, etc - Two harvests later they were more abundant and people had not died – so it “worked” Film and Class - About discourse – each discourse has its own ways of proceeding… even without
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Unformatted text preview: subtitles we would have been able to understand that some of the things we were hearing were ritual discourses just from the intonation (way things were proceeding), even if we haven’t seen this before o True for all discourses but this also cuts across linguistic barriers where we don’t know exactly what he’s saying but we can figure it out...
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