L28M21 - Lecture 28 (21/03/11) Belief - - - - Its a...

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Lecture 28 (21/03/11) Belief - It’s a disposition, therefore a hypothesis about what people might do in certain circumstances - Important point – talking about believing in something it’s rarely an all or nothing proposition (people have varying degrees of (un)belief) - Why do people have beliefs in supernatural beings? o Developmental aspect give an appropriate explanation of the psychological and cognitive aspects that make beliefs believable o What people believe is what they hear about in their society - Belief will link itself to everyday occurrences o Ex. Film – significance of witchcraft o If a barn falls on someone there are a mixture of mechanical and supernatural explanations – everyone understands the barn fell b/c of termites, but witchcraft explained why it happened while someone was there o This intermeshing of natural and supernatural reinforces the facticity of believe (makes them more real) - Religious beliefs are believable b/c of the fact that the play into schemas, models, and theories - Talking of religion – mainly talking of belief and belief system… but the fundamental aspect of religion isn’t belief it’s ritual o Belief is so important in our modern standing b/c it follows a period of millennia where (in the Mediterranean world and beyond) there have been clashes of religions o So it turns our focus to beliefs - (Question – why are the definitions of skills and beliefs so similar in the précis?) o Skills and beliefs = both are dispositions o When we say someone has a disposition to act in a certain way, this is a probabilistic statement o And this applies to a skill (so and so is a very good surgeon, so as a patient you
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L28M21 - Lecture 28 (21/03/11) Belief - - - - Its a...

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