L15F16 - Lecture 15 Midterm Monday… Video This film...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 15 (16/02/11) Midterm Monday… Video: - This film relates mostly to issues we haven’t addressed – related to issues of belief and interpretation- In a sense this was a visual introduction to this topic Introduction to Knowledge- What he’s been doing so far is really just an introduction to a more specific way of asking questions, but he has yet to go through a number of generalities- Big question – how do we organize knowledge?- Knowledge is NOT a given, it is the result of acquisition we seek information, we know things b/c we have been interested in them, and we know that this is not purely a question of how we perceive through our sense organs - Talking of a practical knowledge, we acquire it for practical reasons… we never have disinterested acquisition of knowledge Different Kinds of Knowledge- We have different kinds of knowledge- Explicit o Things that we not only know but that we can talk about o It’s just in a sense the tip of the iceberg of our knowledge- Tacit o Majority of things we know – tacit knowledge means “not spoken”… things we know but don’t tend to talk about o It can be divided into 2 categories: Implicit knowledge – things we don’t talk about but CAN talk about...
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L15F16 - Lecture 15 Midterm Monday… Video This film...

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