L16F11 - Lecture 16 (11/02/11) Questions for Midterm-...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 16 (11/02/11) Questions for Midterm- Signifier and signified o The notion applies strictly speaking best to linguistic signs o What you have for linguistic sign is some morpheme an auditory unit which has meaning (what you hear is signifier and what it means is signified and the two together makes a sign) o Icon = some representation which refers to something or carries meaning o Its a semiological relationship - People who use the word symbols and include linguistic signs and symbols are considering symbols to be semiological people similar to Barthes and Turner symbols are representations which have a specific meaning associated with them o Insofar as you think this there is no reason to establish a big contrast o Sperbere he was saying these people like turner and Barthes and Pierce are recognizing that some symbols can be treated in a semiological manner there has been a development btw a clear link btw the representation and what it means o But other symbols arent of this nature we constantly keep creating new meanings and in this respect what were doing is engaging the symbolic operation of focalization and ization (in notes) and these cant be reduced to semiology o Reason for this distinction- ** Sperebere what is written on webct in the prcis is all you need to know- A sound is either one phoneme or the other not something in btw o Ex. Bat and pat the b and the p are completely distinct from each other Ex....
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L16F11 - Lecture 16 (11/02/11) Questions for Midterm-...

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