L12F2 - L ecture (02/02/11) Functionalism - Try to explain...

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Lecture (02/02/11) Functionalism - Try to explain everything in symbols and say it plays a role in society - Next approach – psychoanalysis… the additional analysis is that psychoanalysis is the most eccentric, it’s the most away from the way people do things and redefines words Psychoanalysis - Freud symbols have an unconscious meaning - For him symbols are particularly relevant in terms of dreams and dream interpretations - Elements of the dream need to be interpreted and these elements are manifestations of unconscious ideas and desires - His further hypothesis was that our basic wishes are of a sexual nature and it therefore follows that symbols in the psychoanalytic sense are sexual, and further that these are repressed o People are not aware of the symbolic and sexual significance - There are a few rare cases where this kind of approach is indeed appropriate o Ex. He head of a specific case of a woman who was allergic to apples… turns out when she was an adult and went into therapy, she came to think she had been sexually assaulted by an uncle. Those kinds of things that emerge in therapy can be true or created by the therapist… so further work was done, and it was demonstrated independently (by the police) that her uncle had indeed sexually assaulted some other kids. So her memory was a correct one. More specifically she was assaulted by her uncle under an apple tree. o So in this case we are getting a traumatic experience where a link is made that is unconscious and it expresses itself in terms of the way in which she as a person operates (she had normal allergic reactions to apples) - So in a case like that the psychoanalytic framework is touching a reality - But it’s hardly a general explanation of symbolism for a number of reasons: o First of all there is a lot of conscious sexual symbolism (Pikes paper deals with this in part)
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o 2) only a limited proportion of symbolism can be related to sex in any shape or form - So we are presented with a situation where a hypothesis has been developed b/c it did apply to a limited number of facts, but it doesn’t constitute a good basis for analyzing symbolism in general - In a sense, the psychoanalytic interpretation of symbolism is a kind of party
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L12F2 - L ecture (02/02/11) Functionalism - Try to explain...

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