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Lecture 9 (24/01/11) * Missed class b/c of flu… just watched a video… Film: Faces of Culture: Language and Communication Introduces students to the nature of the relationship btw language and culture o Language very important in anthropological study Aspects of Meaning - Reference – the relationship of linguistic forms to objects, events, etc o Ex. The relationship btw the word ‘horse’ and the animal to which it refers - Denotation – the thing to which an expression refers o Ex. The denotation of ‘horse’ is something like “the hoofed quadruped which has characteristics A, B, C, etc”. Someone who can use ‘horse’ correctly understands its denotation, but mat not know everything there is to know about horses - Connotation – the signifying in addition, ie. additional implications o The denotation of ‘stallion’ is “male ungelded horse”. ‘Stallion’ may evoke additional meanings, eg. “frisky, powerful, free” which is a connotation
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Unformatted text preview: -Diagnostic – a feature intrinsic to some reality which helps us see that reality: fever is a symptom of illness (focuses on the signified) o Ex. The height of a mercury column in a thermometer is diagnostic of the temperature (the temperature modifies the volume of the mercury)-Prognostic – “the election of the new president means nothing good” o Ex. Heavy dark clouds announces rain o A prognostic is a diagnostic about the future Meaning-‘Meaning’ is not the same as ‘concept’ -Each morpheme has a meaning, but some concepts require a number of morphemes to be expressed o Ex. ‘Intercontinental ballistic missile’ is a concept with several morphemes, each with a meaning-In some cases, meaning and concept are the same thing (ex. Horse)-‘Meaning’ is not the same as ‘significance’ … lion has the same meaning for hunter, zoologists and circus owners, but not the same significance...
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