L8J21 - Lecture 8 (21/01/11) Forms of Writing Pictograms...

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Lecture 8 (21/01/11) Forms of Writing Pictograms Logograms o Use logograms to refer to the sound of the word, rather than its content o Ex. Sumerian hieroglyphs – have one for an arrow, the word was “tee”… use the character for arrow to refer to life o So logogram is used for its sound value rather than its meaning o Starts off in a way that’s not phonetic o There is significant initial investment in terms of reading/learning (instead of learning a few letters, you have to know several thousand characters (Chinese)) Syllabaries o Phonographic language can take many forms – works best with syllabry… so each word has a syllable o Syllabic script used in Inuktituk… modern invention from the 19 th C by a missionary o Syllabries work better in some languages than others o Often followed by a vowel, need 50-100 characters Consonantries o For most of their existence semantic languages (Arabic, Hebrew) make use of this o In recent years characters have been added for vowels o What you have in this case is a situation where the reader has to fill in the blanks o In terms of understanding the Bible and the Muslim religious texts… b/c only the consontants are present diff readers interpret the texts differently (why there is such wide variety in the commentaries on these ^ religious texts) o They don’t specify everything either… Alphabets o Egypt were able to produce paper from paparus (which is cheap), but Medieval Europe they wrote on skins (very durable, but extremely expensive)
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L8J21 - Lecture 8 (21/01/11) Forms of Writing Pictograms...

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