L5J14 - spoke Chumbri or a mix of both • Painting on...

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Lecture 5 (14/01/11) Cannibal Tours Continued… Tourists don’t think they should be modernized too quickly ? people want more money to but things they like, send their kids to school, etc Discussion of Film Meanings are different and subjective o Ex. Meaning and money to the tourists vs. people What the tourists are seeing is limited in what is actually happening These constructions of meaning have a lot of power German guy – he’s been everywhere, it’s all about consumption to him o Good example of someone who’s intelligent and informed, but carries tons of prejudice and is happy with his view of the world (*barf*) The … people are speaking pigeon – which is a language that is created when there is a contact btw people who have no language in common o The reason why you heard bits of English in there o Papua New Guinea has lots of English, but it’s hard to understand b/c it’s out of context The director of the film spoke pigeon Chumbri was the regional language (so some spoke pigeon and some
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Unformatted text preview: spoke Chumbri or a mix of both) • Painting on faces of tourists resembles mask painting rather than ritual/ spiritual/ceremonial face paint… so it is something that has been created for the purpose of tourists o There is also a sense of professionalism in the hand strokes and final product… so it seems as though it is one person who’s made it his craft • The older man complaining of the tourists and money he see’s 2 economies here o One is that he bargains with other Papua New Guinea people when they trade (evidence of long distance trade from the seashells they had) o But when he goes to the store there is only one price (so this is what he wants from the tourists) (I think he doesn’t see himself and the tourists as equals, and that b/c they are giving him money rather than stuff they have crafted or mined, there should be no negotiating) • Will continue with language on Monday’s class…...
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L5J14 - spoke Chumbri or a mix of both • Painting on...

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