Immigration - under the age of 18 nor is she an orphan An...

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Immigration 1) Protected person status : definition 291, tamoul ou politic opinion imputed gov thinks that he a revolutionary because hes a tamil male Humanitarian 2) P.297 , application for permanent resident on humanitarian passionate groud accsssive hardship if you have to elave Canada she would not get treatment for a fatal medical condition life and death question. 6) il ne peut pas sponser her shes more of 18 years of age brother sister nieces of grand children
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Unformatted text preview: under the age of 18 nor is she an orphan. An adult sister cannot be sponsored only a couple of situation : orphan under 18, if he was sponsoring the mother and the sister were still a dependent (under 22, no spouse or over 22 but still full time student) It would make a difference if he sponsored his mother....
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