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« The absolute gap between the bottom and top families also increased in a substantive way indicating that these increases in inequality have an important magnitude […] driven by the rising inequalities in income received from market sources among familties». (Heiz, 2007, p.28) According to statistics canada, Canada has a level of family market-income inequality that sits near the middle level of the market-income inequality of western countries. They believe that it’s because of the absence «of increases in government transfers to lower-income families or increase in taxes to higher income families, further increase in family market-income inequality would continue to be directly converted to increases in family after-tax income-inequality. (Heiz,2007, p.28) «L'écart absolu entre le fond et les familles en haut a également augmenté de façon
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Unformatted text preview: substantielle ce qui indique que ces augmentations de l'ingalit ont une magnitude importante [. ..] entrane par la monte des ingalits dans le revenu provenant de sources de march entre les familties. (Heiz, 2007, p.28) Selon Statistique Canada, le Canada a un niveau de revenu familial du march des ingalits qui se trouve prs du niveau moyen de l'ingalit du revenu de march des pays occidentaux. Ils croient que c'est cause de l'absence de l'augmentation des transferts gouvernementaux aux familles faible revenu ou l'augmentation d'impts pour les familles revenu plus lev, une augmentation supplmentaire de revenu familial du march ingalits continueront tre directement converti l'augmentation du revenu familial aprs impt l'ingalit. (Heiz, 2007, p.28)...
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