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Reading 4 Lecture 4 - Blacks were hired to work as...

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40 Acres and a Mule: In 1865, Blacks were given to 40 acres of land and a horse of a mule. o Most of this land was between North Carolina and Florida, and was former plantation land. o In 1865, President Andrew Jackson ordered all land titles were rescinded and returned to the former white owner. Shades of Darkness: Africa Americans were constructed and treated differently. o Business in Africa to trade and enslave people o Blacks were associated with Witchcraft, Satan, beasts, and decaying o Cities were considered were considered bad, and forests/wilderness were considered good. Civilian Conservation Corp: Founded by 1933, part of the New Deal, o Provided unemployed to men/youth in area of conservation, soil conversion and flood control. o The CCC was not supposed to discriminate on the basis of Race, but many corps administrators did discriminate
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Unformatted text preview: Blacks were hired to work as chefs/cooks. They also slept in Black only barracks. They were also separated to Black only camps. The public also favored segregation Newspaper with ads hiring were not delivered to certain communities. Turpentine Camps and the Negro: • Many Negros worked in Turpentine Camps from 1830-1980’s o This involved extracting pine-derived tar from trees) o This job was considered to be extremely dangerous, and had parallels to slavery Blacks were shipped, hunted down if escaped, were heavily in debt, and had almost no way out. o Turpentiners were almost considered to be primitive, and uneducated. o African American’s relationships to the woods are heavily derived from exploitation, from slavery, to work as freedmen, and turpentine camps....
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Reading 4 Lecture 4 - Blacks were hired to work as...

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