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Unit 6 Intro Notes - • Eventually Hispanos began selling...

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Unit 6 Intro Notes: Labor and Land Issues in California California’s landscape and land diversity is paralelle with its ethnic diversity. Calfornia is a large ex-railroad state. Railroads play a smaller role today. California Agricultural History (1769): California used to be covered in large Mexican land grants. Mainly cattle and sheep ranching. California is more of a geopolitical territory, who were also placeholders. POP 7,000-10,000 Mexicans living here, lots of large missions. Most grants here were private. Crops were wheat, veggies, fruits, nuts o Wheat wa good because it didn’t need to be irrigrated
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Unformatted text preview: • Eventually, Hispanos began selling their lands to Anglo owners Rise of Industiral Agriculture: • Crop Specialization: o Creates a network of spets, which allow for more efficient production o Network was managed by professional manager, who overall production o Improvement of transportation and technology Opening of Panamal Canal Railroads o Labors Worked with hands Lots of fruit picking Was usually family/extended family in small families Was usually migrant labor in large-scale farmers o Input:...
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