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Lecture 1 Reading and Notes

Lecture 1 Reading and Notes - Whats driving globalization...

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What is Globalization?  Globalization lacks an exact definition: but can best conceptually be imagined as a concept in  which the world is being molded into a shared social and economic space by technological  forces.  The Globalization debate:  There are three theories behind globalization. The hyperglobalist, the skeptical and the  transformationalist. All theories attempt to understand an explain the social phenomenon that is  globalization (conceptualization, casual dynamics, socio-economic consequences, implication  for governance, and historical trajectory) Hyperglobalists Sceptics Transformationalists What’s New? A global age Trading Blocs, weaker  geogovernance Historical   levels   of  global  interconnections Features Global   Capitalism,  governance,   civil  society Less interdependency Intensive   and  extensive  globalization Government Power Declining Enhanced Reconstructing
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Unformatted text preview: Whats driving globalization? Capitalism and Technology States and markets Modernity Pattern of Stratification Hierarchies are eroding Marginalization of the South Creations of a new world order Motif McDonalds and Madonna National Interest Transformation of Political Community Conceptualization (Definition of Globalization) Reordering of the framework of human action Internationalization and regionalism Reordering of inter-regional relations and actions at a distance Historical Trajectory Global Civilization Regional blocs and war Global integration and fragmentation Summary Arguement End of Nation States, creation of “Borderless Economies” Depends on the respect of laws between countries Globalization transforming state power and world politics...
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Lecture 1 Reading and Notes - Whats driving globalization...

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