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Lecture25: Global Warming As a result of globalization, carbon emissions have increased It is both a chemical and a geographical problem Fundementals of Climate Change: Is the climate changing? Yes: Climate is constantly changing; history has gone from Ice age to interglacial warming to another ace. It is a stylized curve. o In fact, we are in stage 5. The world is cooling. o What makes this curves different from curves in the past, we are changing at a faster
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Unformatted text preview: rate of change. Its 2-5 times faster than in the fast. Hockey Stick Model However, evidence for this is limited. The Worlds most prosperous cities are ports. Fear that the worlds water levels are increasing as a result, and these ports cities are SCREWED. Tragedy of the commons: Common pool resources do not work; logic of individual interests ruins the common good: based on Malthusianism and Hobbseanism....
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