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Lecture25 - rate of change Its 2-5 times faster than in the...

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Lecture25: Global Warming As a result of globalization, carbon emissions have increased It is both a chemical and a geographical problem Fundementals of Climate Change: Is the climate changing? Yes: Climate is constantly changing; history has gone from Ice age to interglacial warming to another ace. It is a stylized curve. o In fact, we are in stage 5. The world is cooling. o What makes this curves different from curves in the past, we are changing at a faster
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Unformatted text preview: rate of change. Its 2-5 times faster than in the fast. Hockey Stick Model However, evidence for this is limited. • The World’s most prosperous cities are ports. • Fear that the world’s water levels are increasing as a result, and these ports cities are SCREWED. Tragedy of the commons: • Common pool resources do not work; logic of individual interests ruins the common good: based on Malthusianism and Hobbseanism....
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