Colonization Lecture - Hong Kong is Annexed. Treaty of...

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Colonization, Pac Markets and Asian Labor Migration:  Colonialism:  Ideology Colonization:   process establishing external control Linkbetween European Colonization, and European Migration. Setting the stage for Migration:   Gunboat Diplomacy:  Unequal Treaties Influx of western manufactured goods Labor Migration from Africa/Asia to Americas  Proponents of Colonialsm:  West was a better alternative for Asians.  Perihperal areas isolated, ruled by despots Resources Wasted Required Drastic Measures to bring them into modernized world Opium War/Unfair Treaty: Ports were forced open, and china became a semi-colony. 
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Unformatted text preview: Hong Kong is Annexed. Treaty of Nanajings (1842) After first Opium War: 5 new treaty ports Abolished Cohong System (System that controls are trade) Hong Kong is ceded to Britian Lower Custom Duties, and extra Tarrifs China pays $21 million in debt Extraterritorialities: British were tried in Britain for crimes Treaty of Tianjin (1858) Second Opium War: More Ports, Legalizes Opium More Indemnities/More debt Missionaries allowed access anywhere US and China sign Treaty of Wangxia:...
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Colonization Lecture - Hong Kong is Annexed. Treaty of...

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