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Discussion Notes Week 2 - displacement High taxation...

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Discussion Notes: Colonization, Pacific Markets and Asian Labor Migration: A. Different reasons for Chinese immigration?  a. Ideological: There is desire to get a piece of the Gold Mountain, and give a piece  to their village, there a desire to follow the American Dream. They desired to  achieved social and economic mobility.  Manifest Destiny played a role, as the  US wanted to expand westward. (This is to justify colonization  and the US  wanted to justify their spheres of influence) b. Structural: Labor needs after slavery needed in the US,  c. Internal   Conflicts:   Opium   War,   Dispossession/displacement,   colonization, 
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Unformatted text preview: displacement. High taxation, Koreans leave because of Japanese Colonization, B. What role did individual choice play in migration? C. What role did coercion have? Coercion played a huge role in the movement of the coolies. They were often kidnapped, and forced to work as indentured servants in the Americas. Push-Pull Factors: What pushes people to leave a place, and what pulls a person to live to a new place? Why US instead of something else?...
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