The Second Generation Dilemma

The Second Generation Dilemma - d. 40% were still stuck in...

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The Second Generation Dilemma: By 20 th century, we began to see second generation Japanese Americans (Neisi) and Chinese Americans (ABC’s) A.) Different from Issei a. Citizenship, and American Creed. b. Had more mobility (no ID needed, could leave and reenter country) c. Less affinity towards homeland politics d. Fluent English, and more communications from the outside world. e. High education expectations. B.) Same as Issei: a. Suffer discrimination and violence b. Belief in full Assimilation, but were denied. C.) Education: a. Neisi education average was 2 years high than national average b. 25% attempted to obtain professional vocations using their diplomas c. 25% went into family businesses and trades
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Unformatted text preview: d. 40% were still stuck in the narrow ethnic market. (Blind jobs alley) i. White World was not ready see Asians work among them D.) Neisi Response to Society a. Resistance (JADC-Japanese American Democratic Club) b. Accommodation (Pre-JACL) i. Japanese-American Courier Newspaper E.) Nissei Women a. Rights i. Had rights of Citizenship ii. Educational opertunity iii. Voting rights b. Vulnerability: i. CableAct (1922)- Discourages women from marrying Aliens, if they did, they lost citizenship and were vulnerable from being separated from their Children. F.) Two-Ness Identity: a. Caught between 2 identities: Asian and American G.)...
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The Second Generation Dilemma - d. 40% were still stuck in...

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