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3.30 Soc - Social Practice Babel Objection When we look at...

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3/30/11 Social Practice: Babel Objection: When we look at our facebook/tweets/etc, whose do we follow? What sources of Info do we go to, in a mass media world. Everyone has a voice, nowadays.What do we talk about? What news do we care about? What do we follow to get the information we want to know? Huffinton Post? Fox? Etc? All in all: there are things we don’t have to follow everything. We can now pick and choose what we want to hear and what we want to listen to. The OPPSOITE critic: Polarization : The other way around. EVERYONE goes to Google: so it is actually very centralized. Google, Facebook. Everyone goes THERE. The digital world is a lot less democratic and open than we think. Haha! If either of these hold true, then the democratic potential for this network info environment is lost. There is no democracy in either case. Democratic in the way everyone’s boice is heard, but not all issues are discussed in a democratic way. If you actually look at the structure of the WWW, there ACTALLY is a structure. Its not complete poliarization of just top sites. There are small clusters of enthusiasts.
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