MOD 2 Exam - 1. Which of the following laws is not a...

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1. Which of the following laws is not a protective regulation? a. Age Discrimination in Employment Act- protect old b. Securities Investor Protection Act c. Traffic Safety Act d. Hazardous Materials Transportation Act 2. Which of the following laws addresses the market failure associated with asymmetric information? a. the Age Discrimination in Employment Act b. the Insider Trading Sanctions Act c. The Federal Water Pollution Control Act d. the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act 3. Which of the following laws primarily addresses externalities? a. the Clean Air Act b. the Dodd-Frank Act c. the Flammable Fabrics Act d. the Fair Debt Collection Act 4. Which of the following was a main driver of the increase in social regulation? a. A shift in political power in the Congress b. Americans have been financially hurt by Wall Street practices c. There have been multiple recessions d. Americans have been exposed to unsafe products 5. The following is an example of the “tragedy of the commons” a. Fishing in international waters b. Deceptive practices by financial institutions c. Consumers often do not make rational decisions
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d. Companies often make unsafe products 6. Which of the following industries was not subject to economic regulation in the United States? a. The drug industry b. The banking industry c. The airline industry- d. The brokerage industry 7. What is the “reverse herd effect” in relationship to the banking industry? a. Banks are now more willing to lend money
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MOD 2 Exam - 1. Which of the following laws is not a...

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