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Questions for UGBA 10 that WILL BE ON THE EXAM according to Robinson: 1.) Can a variable cost ever be a sunk cost? a. Yes, It is called Cost-Past-production. This is the 10 shirt example where there are left over tees and they are sold for less. 2.) Bonus points: by commenting that EU central bank is responsible for one thing: Price stability. THIS IS A QUESTION. They aren’t responsible for the 20% unemployment, etc. 3.) THIS IS ONE THE EXAM: As our business exapnds we have more people who owe us money.
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Unformatted text preview: This is an increase in accounts recievable. If our business is doing well, so people pay cash, but more people are paying us later. So we have less money in hard cash. We have to pay graphics month to month. Therefore we have less cash to pay alliance. So our average money in our tin box goes town. So it decreases Cash flows from operations. 4.) PPE- part of the Statement of Cash flows....
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