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MOS 2180- First Exam November 1 st , Non-cummulative exams, chpt.1,2,3, and appendix. What an organization is? It’s a social invention, with a presence of things. They look to achieve a common goal. Main reason organizations goal is to survive. In order to survive, you have to be productive, flexible, innovative, motivated employees, and all through group effort. Organizational behaviour: – attitudes or groups that make up an organization. It’s about communication, compensation, style of leadership. The goals are predicting behaviour, explaining behaviour, (explaining is harder because the reasons change over time, and there are multiple reasons usually). If you can predict and explain behaviour then you can manage behaviour. Management Styles: - ? Evidence-based management: – systematically gathering data to make decisions. Started by Fredrick Taylor, who is the father of Scientific Management (classical viewpoint). Companies that follow this have
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Unformatted text preview: a competitive advantage. Viewpoints of Management: - Bureaucracy (max weber), Hawthorne Studies (they had social and psychological findings and not about lighting). The Human relations movement sprung from bureaucracy. Contingency Approach It depends. Ex: The effectiveness of leadership is contingent on employees. Managers Roles: Henry Mintzberg, Managerial activities, and different leadership styles. (in text). Contemporary Issues Changes in population (immigrants, aging of population), employee-employer relationships, absenteeism. Only 17% of Canadian workers are highly engaged. There will be a shortfall between the ages of 25-44. Chapter 2 Personalities Extrovert sociable, and talkative, stable and confident, conscientious...
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