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MOS Test 4b - QUESTION 2(15 MARKS Answer the following...

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QUESTION 2 (15 MARKS) Answer the following questions with reference to the in-class activities that we have done since the Conference week in February 2008. Each response is worth 1 mark. (15 x 1 mark = 15 marks) 1) In our organizational change exercise on breaking a bad habit, what were the three change processes that needed to be addressed? a) unfreezing b) change c) re-freezing 2) What three steps are necessary for the innovation process to be successful? a) Idea generation b) Idea implementation c) idea diffusion 3) What are three advantages of a matrix organizational structure? a) Incorporates strengths of two departments b) It is flexible c) Focus on a project enhances communication 4) In the video the Speed Trap: a) What was the country that the video featured? JAPAN b) What was the name for the condition given to describe complete exhaustion from over-work? KAROSHI c) What did you learn from watching this video? diffusion ANYTHING REASONABLE 5) Name two characters in the diversity book Seedfolks: a) KIM b) ANA c) WENDELL d) GONZALO e) LEONA f) SAM g) VIRGIL h) SAE YOUNG i) CURTIS j) NORA k) MARICELA l) AMIR m) FLORENCE MOS 180 – Test #4 – April, 23, 2008 1
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6. Define organizational structure: The manner in which an organization divides its labour into specific tasks and achieves coordination among these tasks. QUESTION 3(20 MARKS) Choose 2 of the following 3 questions to respond to and answer in the space provided. (2 x 10 marks = 20 marks) 1. As a newly hired manager, you are trying to reduce employee theft of room supplies like towels, coffee, sugar, tea, shampoo, soap, and Kleenex in a budget motel located in an economically depressed area of town. So far, none of your ideas have resulted in success and the theft is running rampant. Using the 6 causes of resistance, explain to your boss why all your plans
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MOS Test 4b - QUESTION 2(15 MARKS Answer the following...

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