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MOS February Review - main methods for socialization....

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MOS February Review Chpt 9: know formal and critical leadership. Explain the task function and social emotional function. Describe and evaluate fedlers contingency theory, explain how and when to use participative leadership. Discuss Transformational leadership. Explain how culture affects leadership. Describe Gender Differences. Chpt. 8: Understand the differences between information dependence and effect dependence. Differentiate between internalization, compliance, identification as motives for social conformity. Describe the socialization process. Describe the implications of unrealistic expectations. Describe the
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Unformatted text preview: main methods for socialization. Define Organizational culture. Discuss the assets and liabilities of a strong OC. Chpt. 7: Define and discuss groups and distinguish between formal and informal groups. Discuss group development. Explain how group size and diversity effects groups. Explain how norms rules and statuses affect. Explain social loafing. Discuss how to design and manage self reporting teams. Explain the logic behind cross functional teams. Understand virtual teams and what makes them effective....
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