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Pardun Readings-1 - Chapter 9 Stereotypes in Advertising...

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Chapter 9 – Stereotypes in Advertising Stereotypes help identify quickly who people are in short ads Issue of stereotyping becoming more complicated -Segmented society- more difficult to create a meaningful stereotype - Harder than ever to get a viewers attention (now tech. To skip ads so advertisers have to be more in your face and not use subtle stereotyping) - consumers more sophisticated in understanding what media can and cannot do Argument Stereotypes are the best way to give consumers a quick understanding of the creative impact of the message Advertising during Superbowl attracts more viewers than any other single slot on television With ad time costing so much money advertisers need shortcuts to create characters and storylines with impact Stereotypes are a necessity of effective advertising Positive generalizations are also stereotypes, not just negative ones Stereotypes perform necessary function: they are “noise filters” that people use to sort through web of social groups they encounter every day in the world around them- an attempt to understand differences among social groups Stereotypes not universal or fixed – they are based on culture Understanding cultural context of target consumers is key to effective use of stereotypes in advertising Being Responsible with Stereotypes Stereotypes can present problems – can be used in functional or dysfunctional ways Functional: When they are accepted as a natural way to guide our expectations Dysfunctional: Used in the sole way to judge people -can justify mistreatment of certain groups Smart Advertising and the Use of Stereotypes Dysfunctional stereotyping reduces ads effectiveness Smart (functional) use of advertising can make ad funny, memorable, entertaining
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Functional advertisers use multiple images of a single group rather than relying on one stereotype Counterargument What’s the harm in advertising stereotypes? Stereotypes cause harm
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Pardun Readings-1 - Chapter 9 Stereotypes in Advertising...

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