Chapter 11+12 bazerman

Chapter 11+12 bazerman - - Chapter 11 + 12 Bounded...

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Chapter 11 + 12 – Bounded Awareness - People have a bounded awareness that them from noticing or focusing on observable and relevant data. - Bounded awareness exists when individuals do not attend to predictable, accessible, and perceivable information. - The tendency to place false perceived bounds is a very common aspect of decision making The prevalence of bounded awareness in a variety of realms: Inattential blindness to obvious information Failure to notice obvious changes in one’s environment Tendency to focus on only a part of the problem Bounded awareness of groups, negotiators, and bidders in auctions. Inattentional Blindness – people have a broad tendency not to see what they are looking at directly when focused on a different issue. Change Blindness - According to the slippery slope theory , we are far more likely to become unethical one step at a time than in one big step. - The boiling frog syndrome is based on the folk wisdom that if you throw a frog in boiling water, it will jump out. But if you put a frog in cold water and slowly raise the temperature, it will slowly cook the frog to death due to its inability to notice the gradual temperature change. Focalism and the Focusing Illusion Focalism – describes the common tendency to focus too much on a particular event and too little on other events that are likely to occur concurrently. Focusing Illusion – the tendency of people to make judgements based on their attention to only a subset of available information, to overweight that info, and to underweight unattended information. Bounded Awareness in Groups – while individuals awareness is bounded by the information they mentally consider, the awareness of groups is bounded by the information that becomes part of the discussion. - A consistent tendency of groups to focus much more on shared information than on unique information. - To help groups overcome their bounded awareness, a number of strategies based on encouraging members to share information, particularly unique information. The strategies: forewarning the group in advance of the unique knowledge of different members and
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Chapter 11+12 bazerman - - Chapter 11 + 12 Bounded...

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