Week04 - Hist301 Chapter 4 The social classes and wartime...

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Unformatted text preview: Hist301 Chapter 4 The social classes and wartime developments • Statism (devletcilik) caused social stratification by creating capital and allowing its accumulation in private hands. • Role of government was dual: acted as an entrepreneur(girisimci) and mediator(arabulucu) btw social groups. But conservatism had to be adopted by the state due to ambigious economic conditions around the world so all groups left dissatisfied by the support of the state. • The first group is the peasants . These are farmers who own small portions of arable land and therefore barely get by. With the attempt of industrialization btw 1930-45 and due to war conditions, state imposed heavy taxes on agricultural products (like 10% of whole production) which led to the emergence of Toprak Mahsulleri ofisi (TMO) and Orman isletmeleri (OI) to protect the peasants against these heavy financial burdens. • TMO eventually became detriment to peasants because with the ongoing WW2, more soil products were consumed while some of the peasants shifted over to the consumer side by getting drafted to the army. Subsequently, there was shortage and the TMO-on behalf of the state- set the crop prices lower than local market prices which was a big damage to the existing farmers or peasants. • OI urged villagers to move their settlements from forest areas to places suitable for agriculture but lack of a well-defined policy and of settlement and of technical and sociological knowledge caused economical distress among villagers and also they...
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Week04 - Hist301 Chapter 4 The social classes and wartime...

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